“A suit, before any other thing, talks about us, and Artenami wants to do it at best”.

abiti su misura milano: logo artenami

Artenami means suits and shirts 100% hand made down to every last minutia, because details are our mission. With a process made exclusively in Italy by Italian master artisans, Artenami guarantees only the most renowned Made in Italy quality.

Artenami garments ranges from classical to casual models keeping always its unique style and fit.

The fabric proposal of excellence and the rigorous hand made manufacturing give an undisputable and unique character, a high style which is cared to the last detail and recognizable for his modern and always fresh touch. These are the elements that give life to the Artenami Contemporary Classic which line offers a delectable comfort that accompanies with fluidity the body of who wears it.

“Artenami. A suit, a lifestyle”.


Artenami has a fully Italian sounding name which incorporates the concept of the Art of tailoring with its roots in Naples while finding its dynamic space in Milan, city where Luca Talarico, founder and owner of the company, opened his first showroom.

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“There are too few of us. Especially among young tailors. I’am talking about real tailors. Nowadays everybody is taking measurements, tailors and not. To do properly this job means not only to be able to understand the customer’s needs but to be capable to execute perfect corrections down to every last detail directly over the body lines, anatomies each of which are different for peculiarities and imperfections” declares Luca Talarico.

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