Unformal but stylish. This is the result of the right choice of fabrics of excellence, suitable to a casual look cared to the last detail.

ARTENAMI garment - in its whole range, from casual to formal - offers a delectable comfort that accompanies naturally the body of who wears it.

The three-pieces suit, also called habit à la française, borned at Versailles court by the will of Louis XIV. In its evolution till today, the three-pieces suit has became an icon of elegance.

Between the finest of the looks, ARTENAMI gives to the three-piece suit a recognizable style thanks to its modern and always fresh touch.

Fabrics of excellence along with the rigorous hand made manufacturing, are the elements guaranteed by ARTENAMI to give an undisputable and unique character to this fine suit.

A vest has to be tight enough to highlight the silhouette. Artenami guarantees a perfect look in a comfortable vest.

For this ARTENAMI Contemporary Classic outfit, fabrics of excellence Made in Italy: wool and silk 180’s.

The charme of an ARTENAMI hand made suit lies in its little imperfections such as slight gatherings on a ‘soft’ sleeve and some irregular button hols stitches.

Papillon, silk covered buttons and stripes on the trousers outseam, make a tuxedo. But the protagonist of that formal suit is the shirt with its cufflinks, pleated bib and wind tip collar. ARTENAMI ‘seven hand made steps’ shirts, enhances the elegance of a tuxedo.

Artenami means suits and shirts 100% hand made down to every last detail manufactured in Italy and exclusively by Italian master artisans to guarantee the renowned Made in Italy quality.

A peak lapel for the black tuxedo jacket. The only different colours allowed for this formal suit are white and Windsor’s night blue. The suit has to be completed with a classic Oxford shoe in a patent smooth leather.

ARTENAMI keeps, in all its garment range, its unique style with a special care to fit and comfort even for its most formal suits.

A classic, enriched by patch pockets and cuffs: details that give to this evergreen a unique casual touch.