“I want to give along with the suit a unique, personal and exclusive experience. People who wear our outerwear understand the passion that lies behind the ‘making of’ a suit, a garment which is completely hand made, sewn following the shape of the individual and tried on before being finished. Our suits represent the emotion of a made to measure tailoring. For these reasons Artenami is The Bespoke Experience".

Luca Talarico

Artenami | The Bespoke Experience

Artenami has a fully Italian sounding name which incorporates the concept of the Art of tailoring with its roots in Naples while finding its dynamic space in Milan, city where Luca Talarico, founder and owner of the company, opened his first showroom.

The master tailor with calabrian origins - after a pluriannual work experience with his family’s Atelier - enriched his own skills through a six years long collaboration with Caraceni, tailoring company amongst the most renowned in the world.

In a few, Luca Talarico became the exclusive tailor of Princes, VIPs and important entrepreneurs, collaborating in the same time with brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Ermenegildo Zegna and Caruso. His work path reveals a decisive character and a strong will which lead him in the bespoke tailoring market with his own brand.