The pleasure of feeling unique.

“Only a few of us remain. Especially as it relates to young tailors. I am talking about real tailors. Today it seems that everyone offers made-to-measure, even those who are not tailors. However, to do this job properly means not only understanding the customer’s needs but being able to execute perfect corrections, following the smallest details of the body’s natural curves, all of which are different for each person” declares Luca Talarico who adds: “Of course you need talent, but skill in craftsmanship is neither learned during a tailoring session, nor by attending the best tailoring schools; because talent is not enough; what you need is experience which only comes through years of work and practice. I have been fortunate to have been trained by both Caraceni – a world renowned tailor – and my father. Today I represent the fifth generation of tailors in the Talarico family.

It is only with true passion and the right background that someone can define himself as a tailor” says the Italian master tailor who concludes: “Despite my experience, when I put my hands on a new suit, I feel the same excitement as I had when I was younger and also a little fear of making mistakes; emotions that give me the right adrenaline and concentration to execute a technically perfect job, something that first satisfies me as a tailor and consequently my customer with his requirements. Making my customer satisfied and happy is what matters to me most.”